In 2006, Canco experienced a setback in our development plans, when we were challenged in the US by one of over twenty companies using the Country Choice brand name in that country. This led to a corporate rebranding exercise, which resulted in the birth of the Linstead Market Jamaica® brand.

A shift in Company philosophy at this time brought about a fundamental change. We moved from a packaging and production driven focus to a brand builder and marketing focused operation. This proved to be one of the most valuable adjustments in the Company’s history, and gave us the opportunity to make a fresh start.

We introduced a refreshed Jamaican Food brand, enhanced by a traditional Jamaican image, with redesigned logo, new labels and new containers, as well as updated and catchy marketing slogans. With these changes and our new philosophy, the ‘Linstead Market Jamaica’ brand emerged stronger, despite the loss of 14 years of customer awareness.