Canco Ltd. under its brand Linstead Market Jamaica™, for the first time stood on its own at the Denbigh Agricultural & Industrial Show 2011, held in Clarendon, Jamaica.

Denbigh celebrated its Fifty Ninth anniversary this year under the theme Grow What We Eat…Eat What We Grow. The Denbigh show features outstanding livestock, agricultural and horticultural exhibits from all fourteen parishes in Jamaica.

From July 30th – Monday August 1st Linstead Market Jamaica showcased its products to patrons from across the world. This event is deeply rooted in the culture of Jamaicans, as many make the Denbigh Agricultural show a priority for the Emancipation weekend. The Denbigh Show has also been placed among the most prestigious exhibitions within the Caribbean and caters to an audience of over 80,000 loyal patrons throughout the traditional Emancipation period.

Linstead Market Jamaica represented the theme very well as over 90% of all our raw materials are sourced and manufactured in Jamaica. This, undoubtedly makes Linstead Market Jamaica truly an authentic Jamaican brand.

The Denbigh Agricultural show has over the years been an excellent platform to market new product lines, multilateral initiatives and introduce dynamic innovations. Linstead Market Jamaica therefore took this opportunity to build our brand awareness by interacting with the patrons and sensitising them as much as possible to our innovative and exclusive products.

Over the Emancipation weekend we sampled our Gourmet Jams with crackers. These jams included exhilarating flavors such as Pineapple Coconut, Banana Grapefruit, Guava Pineapple, Mango and Sorrel. In addition, our 1-2-3 Rice and Peas was a hit which we served with Guava Pineapple Chicken and lastly we served up some traditional Gungo Peas and Red Peas Soup which was a delectable surprise to many patrons.

Linstead Market Jamaica places emphasis on pride in our food production, marketing and distribution and our exhibit and interaction at Denbigh demonstrated this. From our tasteful and vibrant décor done by Allison Dexter to the display of our products, our booth was definitely an attraction to remember. Coupled with this the patrons had the opportunity to purchase all the Linstead Market Jamaica products at discounted prices.

Linstead Market Jamaica has made the Denbigh Agricultural Show a priority on our calendar for many years to come.

Denbigh 2012 here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!