The Hardrock Seminole cafes in Hollywood FL, Orlando FL and Tampa FL buzzed with excitement as the Beres Hammond Concert Series “Love within the Music” took off with a bang. From July 29th to 31st 2011, over 6000 music and food lovers turned out for an evening to remember across all three cities.

Linstead Market Jamaica along with First World Imports, Treasure Trading Inc, Walkers Wood, and Tetley were sponsors for this historic event which featured the likes of international reggae icons Beres Hammond and Wayne Wonder. Linstead Market Jamaica saw this as a great opportunity to be a part of an incredible concert series which exemplified rich, authentic, Jamaican culture; this is something that Linstead Market Jamaica tries to replicate in each and every product.

Beres Hammond is one of Jamaica’s most beloved artistes. For over 30 years he has been spreading “Love within the music” and providing fans across the world with soothing melodies and good vibes. Similarly, Linstead Market Jamaica products have been in the hearts of the Diaspora and local Jamaicans for over 25 years.

To top off the series all the sponsors involved; Linstead Market Jamaica, First World Imports, Treasure Trading Inc, Walkers Wood, and Tetley combined to stage a “text to win” competition that offered 4 prizes, which were awarded in September 2011. The prizes include: an Apple I Touch, a year supply of Linstead Market Jamaica Ackee, a year supply of Walkerswood jerk and a year supply of Tetley Tea. This was a very popular competition as many patrons tried to get a draw in to have a shot at winning one of the prizes.

We give thanks to all to the supporters of this event and Linstead Market Jamaica looks forward to participating again.